Coming in June 2014: Theology+

Welcome to Theology+

Theology+ is a new multi-author blog that launches in June 2014.  Our goal is to offer the best in Christian theology today that is fully engaged with the latest developments in science and technology.

While all our authors acknowledge their roots in historic Christianity, Theology+ aspires to be more than just another rehash of old ideas or an endless stream of personal opinions.  We hope to offer a refreshingly contemporary expression of Christian faith.

I  will be the general editor and an occasional author.  Some readers may be familiar with my previous blog, Enhancing Theology.  After almost three years and nearly 100 posts, the time has come to expand this site.  I want to add new dimensions and new voices.  So between now and June, I am actively recruiting 20 or so dynamic and thoughtful Christian scholars to join me in posting regularly to Theology+

We are planning to launch by June 2014.  Our vision is for Theology+ to be the most original, informed, rigorously honest, and thoughtful site on the web when it comes to contemporary Christianity engaging new intellectual developments, especially in science and technology.

Ron Cole-Turner