The End of Adam and Eve: Theology and the Science of Human Origins

The eBook version of this book is available free at Smashwords in a variety of eReader formats.  It is also listed on Amazon, but the price there is $.99.  I am hoping to get Amazon to match the Smashwords price, probably by mid-September.  This book may also be purchased as a paperback on Amazon for $5.99 plus shipping.  Availability is limited right now to the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe.  As soon as possible, it will be available as a print-on-demand paperback worldwide.

Why is this book free?

Book Description:  

Today’s science is changing the way we see ourselves.  We know now that Neandertals were not primitive brutes but that they interbred with our ancestors.  We also know that interbreeding between ancient human populations played a key role in shaping humanity today.

The End of Adam and Eve grows out of the conviction that good theology takes the latest science seriously. The most recent findings, like interbreeding with Neandertals and the re-dating of the first tools and cave art, are brought together here in a strongly Christian theological vision of humanity created through evolution for unity and completion in Jesus Christ.

This book summarizes the science but also builds upon it to offer an updated Christian theological interpretation of human beings as created in the image of God and made into one new humanity in Christ.

A brief excerpt from the final chapter…

“As a flowing stream is separated by an island and then rejoins, human communities separated, changed, and then came back together genetically.  To ask which group is human is to ask which branch is the stream.

“Diverging, we became many things.  We became Denisovans, Neandertals, and many other unknown ancestral groups.  By being them, we became us.  Converging, we are still on our way to becoming one thing, one unified global human community.  For Christians, our hope for one unified global human community has a concrete form.  It has a name.  It is Jesus Christ.  Faced by all the racism and xenophobia that still work their violence and evil in our world, Christians defiantly and faithfully proclaim that Christ makes us all one. “